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Trust us to keep you moving and have your car serviced at Woodston Motorist Centre, Peterborough. You'll receive the same standard of service you'd receive at a dealership but for a more competitive price. 

We service most makes and models of cars from light commercial vehicles, to 4x4s and fleet vehicles. 

Most importantly, our service does not affect your manufacturer's warranty (see Block Exemption). We fit genuine parts upon request, or parts that meet original equipment specifications.



As a minimum your service will include:

  • Road test

  • Testing lights and horn

  • Checking warning instruments

  • Checking windscreen wipers and topping up fluid

  • Replacing engine oil

  • Replacing the oil filter

  • Checking the condition of the fuel system for leaks

  • Checking the condition of the cooling system and antifreeze content

  • Checking brake fluid level

  • Checking the condition of the front & read brake pads and discs

  • Checking brake pipes, hoses and callipers

  • Checking the condition of the exhaust system and mounts

  • Checking tyre condition and checking/adjusting the tyre pressure

  • Resetting the service light and updating the service book

  • Checking the battery condition

  • Final inspection and test drive  

A more comprehensive service is available and more information can be provided on request. 



What is Block Exemption?

Following an investigation in the 1990s into Cartels, restrictive practices and anti-competition tactics by major manufacturers in many types of business, the law was changed to prevent these practices and open up the markets. The motor industry was given a temporary reprieve from these new laws - the Block Exemption.


However, in October 2003, the Block Exemption was lifted. (Despite strenuous lobbying by the motor industry)


So, what does it mean? 


The important issues are:


Your car can be serviced wherever you choose, as long as the manufacturers recommendations are followed and here’s the best bit - THE MANUFACTURER’S OR USED CAR WARRANTY CANNOT BE INVALIDATED.


If anybody suggests that a vehicle is devalued because it has not been dealer maintained, they could actually be breaking the law.


Click here to find out what the AA has to say about Block Exemption.


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