Woodston Motorist Centre 2018
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For more than 30 years we’ve been working hard to keep people moving, helping customers with our top-rated service and affordable car repairs. As a small family-run business we rely on a steady flow of work in order to remain open and to ensure our employees can pay their bills, feed their families and make ends meet. During these unprecedented times we wanted to outline the measures we are taking to protect our employees, protect our customers, and to create assurance that we are doing all we can to ensure we are able to continue operating and keep your cars running. 


Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Is your car repair garage staying open?

Unless the government says otherwise, we intend to continue operating as usual, providing it is safe to do so. For updates please keep visiting our website - where we’ll update you if the situation changes. 

What measures are you taking to avoid spreading the virus?

The following measures are currently in place for you safety; 

  • Frequent cleaning of all on-site facilities, including the workshop, reception area, waiting room and courtesy vehicles. 

  • Spraying door handles, steering wheels, dashboards, gearsticks, hand-brakes and keys with antibacterial spray before handing a vehicle back to you.  

  • Safe social distancing, limiting our reception area and waiting room to just one customer, or one family group at a time. 

  • Our staff will continue to wear their protective gloves at all times, and will change them frequently throughout the day. 

My car needs repairing but I am currently in self-isolation or avoiding leaving my home, how can you help?

If this applies to you, talk to us to see what we can do.


Following the guidance on social distancing and in order to keep our staff safe, we might be able to offer you a collection/drop-off service. The process for this is as follows; 

  1. We’ll call you at the arranged pickup time to let you know that we are outside your home or workplace. We’ll ask you to leave your car key and any relevant paperwork on your doorstep. 

  2. Upon entering your vehicle our technician will spray compromised surfaces with anti-bacterial surface cleaner, and will bring your vehicle to our premises where we will conduct your MOT or vehicle repairs. 

  3. When we have finished working on your vehicle we’ll clean door handles/steering wheels etc with antibacterial spray.

  4. We’ll then call you to collect payment and arrange a drop off. 

  5. We’ll return your car and post your keys through your letterbox. 

What if my car MOT is due during this period?

We cannot stress enough that if your MOT has expired, you’re committing an offence having it on a public road, even if your vehicle is parked up and you are not using it. 

If your MOT is due and there is less than a month to go, you can book in your MOT and you can still retain your existing renewal date, so you don’t miss out. If you wanted to do it any sooner than that, your renewal data will change accordingly.

It could be that you ask an insured friend, neighbour or family member to bring your vehicle in for its MOT. Just make sure that they wipe down surfaces afterwards before handing you back your vehicle. 

If you have off-street parking, or a private garage, you could simply let your MOT expire. If you opt for this route it’s important to know that it’s illegal to drive your vehicle. You will only be permitted to drive your vehicle on the way to a prearranged test at a nearby garage. 


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